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Service Contract/Agreement and Cancellation Policy


This Auto Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between the undersigned customer (“Client” or “You”) and Platinum Detailing, LLC. NAME (“Contractor”, “We”, or “Us”), effective as of the date last signed below (“Effective Date”). The parties hereby agree as follows:




- Client shall provide Platinum Detailing, LLC. personnel with access to the vehicle for the purpose of performing the auto-related services during the agreed-upon service hours and any additional times as may be mutually agreed upon.


- Client shall ensure that the keys to the vehicle are made available to Platinum Detailing, LLC. personnel.


- The Client hereby authorizes Platinum Detailing, LLC. personnel to operate and move the vehicle as may be necessary to perform auto-related services such as detailing, ceramic coating, tinting & paint protection wrap




- Platinum Detailing, LLC. endeavors to perform the services to a high standard, within the constraints of its resources, time, and expertise, aiming for a clean, damage-free exterior and spotless interior surfaces free of dust, debris, stains, and odors.


- The parties will conduct a joint final inspection upon completion of the services. Any concerns regarding service quality must be communicated to Platinum Detailing, LLC. within 24 hours following service completion. Platinum Detailing, LLC. shall not be held liable for any concerns raised thereafter or if the Client does not participate in the final inspection.




- Platinum Detailing, LLC. will take reasonable care to document any pre-existing damage but shall not be liable for pre-existing conditions including but not limited to hail damage, rock chips, etc.


- In the event of any damage occurring to the vehicle while under Platinum Detailing, LLC.’s care due to the actions or omissions of Platinum Detailing, LLC. personnel, Platinum Detailing, LLC. will notify the Client of the incident.




- The fee for the service(s) shall be the amount agreed upon as indicated in the “Total Cost" section of your order.


- Estimated service times for scheduling may vary. If job time exceeds the estimate by over 20%, additional fees will be discussed and confirmed with the Client before continuing.


- Payment is due immediately upon service completion via Credit Card, Debit, Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, or Cash.


- You agree not to request, advise, file a claim, or seek your bank or credit card company for a chargeback for consideration paid under this agreement. You agree that any disputes you may have with respect to the consideration paid hereunder must be addressed directly between you and Platinum Detailing, LLC.



- Platinum Detailing, LLC. does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results, all services are provided “as is”, without warranties of any kind. All sales are final. Platinum Detailing, LLC. maximum liability for any claims arising out of or relating to this agreement is limited to the total amount paid by Client for the specific service giving rise to the claim.




- Client feedback is welcomed and may be provided via email.


- Platinum Detailing, LLC. reserves the right to use pictures of the vehicle for marketing purposes, unless Client objects in writing.


- Platinum Detailing, LLC. does not currently require payment before service. Because of this, we ask that the Client please update Platinum Detailing, LLC. if any scheduling changes are needed. We prefer to not implement an upfront deposit payment system for services scheduled. This is subject to change based on the number of no-shows and cancellations that We incur. 


- Rescheduling requests made within 24 hours of the scheduled service time will incur a $25 fee. Platinum Detailing, LLC. has the right to waive this fee at their discretion. Clients who no-show for their appointment and want to rebook, will incur a $25 fee and be required to put a 50% deposit down at the time of rescheduling. 


- Platinum Detailing, LLC. reserves the right to terminate services or maintenance plans for Clients deemed incompatible with our service ethos, at our sole discretion.

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