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Interior Detailing

Vacuuming, surface cleaning, carpet shampooing, and more...

Exterior Detailing


Paint correction, polishing, ceramic coating, hand washing, and more...

A la carte options to enhance your vehicle

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Interior Detail

Basic Interior Package (Starting at $125) + $25 for Van and 3rd row seating – Vacuum, dash and surface wipe-down, interior window cleaning. 60-80 mins.

Full Interior Package (Starting at $225) + $25 for Vans and 3rd row seating – Carpet and upholstery shampoo and clean, steam cleaning, vacuum, deep crevasse cleaning, interior surface clean, interior window cleaning, clean and condition leather seats. 3-3.5 hrs. 

Exterior Detail

BRONZE Package (Starting at $50) + $10 for clay bar decontamination– Foam Cannon and hand wash and dry, bug and tar removal, exterior window cleaning, clean rims, wheels and exhaust tips - 60min.

SILVER Package (Starting at $100) – Foam Cannon and hand wash and dry, premium paint sealant, bug and tar removal, exterior window cleaning, clean rims, wheels and exhaust tips. (1-2 hours)

GOLD Package (Starting at $299) +$50 for SUV or Van – Foam Cannon and Hand Wash and dry, bug and tar removal, 1-stage paint correction (removal of moderate (60-75%) of spider web and clearcoat scratches*), premium paint sealant, clean rims,  wheels and exhaust tips. (3-5 hours)

PLATINUM Package (Starting at $450) + $50 for SUV or Van – Back to like-new status – GOLD Package and Full Interior Package ($75 savings)

Ceramic Coating Protection

Ceramic Coating only (Starting at $800) - Great for new vehicles. Includes a thorough wash and decontamination, followed by ceramic coating application.  (24 hrs)

1 Step paint correction + Ceramic Coating (Starting at $1200) - Best package for vehicles that may have some scratches and imperfections in the paint. Includes a thorough wash and decontamination, 1 step paint correction to remove up to 75% of scratches and imperfections, followed by ceramic coating application. (30 hrs)

Ceramic Coatings: IGL Coatings EcoCoat+ Ceramic Coatings (4yr warranty) that is reinforced with graphene to improve durability, shine and resilience, and result in years of protection. 


Headlight Restoration ($50)

Ozone deodorizing /  Smoke smell reduction ($50)

Excessive pet hair removal (Starting at $25)

Custom car cleaning - (call for quote)

2-stage paint correction - (starting at $450)

Interior Detail
Exterior Detail


A collection of vehicles that we've detailed

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Platinum Detailing, LLC. is a local business from Richfield, MN. Our customers will get amazing value and a top-quality detailing experience.

We understand that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation. It's a reflection of who you are, and we take great pride in helping you maintain that appearance. 

We want you to leave with a smile on your face from the enjoyment you'll get driving your clean vehicle. 

Ride Clean. Ride Happy!


Contact Us

6940 Upton Ave S.

Richfield, MN 55423


Monday - Sunday: 8am - 7pm

The winter season may change available times. 

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